Synergy Program

Synergy Program

At Visage, we believe in providing a comprehensive plan to combat aging of the face. Noninvasive treatments (e.g. dermal fillers, facial peels, and botulinum injections) are great because they provide improvement with little downtime. Unfortunately, sometimes that improvement is subtle. We have found that providing multiple treatments in the same treatment session, while still targeting areas of concern, creates a more dramatic rejuvenation while still enjoying a limited downtime.



The Four Tiers of Treatment

  • Light Restoration: for early age-related changes
  • Medium Restoration: for moderate age-related changes
  • Advanced Restoration: for late age-related changes
  • Maintenance Program: after a restoration program has been followed, we recommend a maintenance plan to keep you looking fresh
The level that is best for you depends on a variety of factors including how much aging you are seeking to reverse and how much recovery time you have to invest. In general, more advanced treatments yield a more dramatic result, but require a greater downtime. We have treatment options for all types. Within those four tiers, we address the four pillars of facial aging.

The Four Pillars of Facial Aging

  • Poor skin: skin with age spots, dryness, rough texture, etc
  • Wrinkles: fine lines
  • Volume loss: deep smile lines, thin lips, lack of cheek fullness, etc
  • Skin laxity: coarse lines, jowling, loose neck skin, etc
Everyone follows a different aging trajectory based upon genetics and environmental factors. Some patients may require a light restoration in wrinkle treatment and an advanced restoration in skin laxity, and in others it may be the opposite. You need a customized plan that matches your unique characteristics.
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