Revision Rhinoplasty

Revision Rhinoplasty Gallery

All procedures below were performed by Dr. Anand D. Patel. Results vary by individual.

Case 1

This patient underwent rhinoplasty on two occasions elsewhere and sought a more feminine nose. Revision rhinoplasty was performed to raise the tip of the nose and lower the bridge. Also, the part of the nose between the nostrils, called the columella, was elevated to reduce nostril show.

Case 2

Following previous rhinoplasty, this patient disliked the irregularities at the tip of her nose and the unnatural transition between the bridge and tip of her nose, especially seen on the oblique view. Revision rhinoplasty was performed to smooth the transition from the tip to the bridge of the nose.

Case 3

After previous nose surgery elsewhere, this patient was unhappy with the unnatural sharpness at the nasal tip and the amount of nostril show on side view. Revision tip surgery was performed to round the tip of the nose and lower the nostril rims to make the openings appear smaller. The rounder appearance softens her features.

Case 4

This patient underwent previous rhinoplasty that was overly aggressive. Too much removed from his bridge made his tip look relatively enlarged and took away from masculine features. Augmentation of his bridge gives a more refined and masculine appearance.

Case 5

Previously rhinoplasty left this woman with an irregular, asymmetric nasal tip that looked unnaturally sharp. Open revision rhinoplasty allows the tip cartilages to be molded to a more natural, symmetric configuration.

Case 6

After previous nose surgery many years ago, this patient was distressed by progressive collapse of the bridge of her nose and upturn of her nasal tip. To improve these features, donor rib cartilage was used for support. The nose looks more natural in profile and there is less nostril show from the front.

Case 7

This patient originally injured her nose in a car accident and underwent primary rhinoplasty. She requested revision tip rhinoplasty to correct an upturned nasal tip and improve breathing.

Case 8

This patient requested revision rhinoplasty primarily to straighten her nose on front view and deproject the nasal tip from the side. Also, a severe fracture of her nasal septum was repaired and the turbinates were reduced to improve nasal breathing.

Case 9

After previous rhinoplasty elsewhere, this patient did not like how much her nostrils showed from the side. She elected for a minor revision procedure, done in the office under local anesthesia, to raise the columella of her nose and reduce nostril show.
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