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All procedures below were performed by Dr. Anand D. Patel. Results vary by individual.

Case 1

This patient wanted to tighten her neckline (side view) and remove her jowls (oblique and front view). In general, every face is unique and is best suited with a custom set of solutions.

Case 2

This patient was bothered by a bump on her nasal bridge, facial jowls, and loose bands in her neck. She underwent both a face/neck lift, rhinoplasty, and facial peel around the mouth. These two procedures complement one another to add both youth and femininity.

Case 3

Although this patient stays in good shape with frequent exercise, she is frustrated with ongoing skin laxity under her chin and deepening smile lines. The face/neck lift sharpens the angle between her neck and chin. Also, note the softening of her deep smile lines.

Case 4

The lower face and neck is greatly improved with the vertical pull of a deep plane lift. Fine lines and wrinkles will soften more by coupling this procedure with a deep peel.

Case 5

With advanced age, we lose elasticity in our tissues and in some patients a facelift must be followed with a smaller in-office tuck procedure within about 6 months to obtain the most optimal result. About 5% of our patients require a secondary tuck.

Case 6

This patient was a sun worshipper and wanted to improve sun-damaged skin as well as skin laxity in her neck. She underwent face/neck lift and chemical peel to soften the deep lines around her eyes and mouth.

Case 7

A face and neck lift may make significant improvements to laxity that occurs around the mouth, including the nasolabial folds and marionette lines.

Case 8

Patients who have a heavier neck will benefit greatly with liposuction of the neck performed at the same time as the face/neck lift. Notice the new definition along the jawline that is achievable by adding liposuction.

Case 9

This patient underwent face/neck lift and facial peel around her eyes and mouth. Patients with thin skin, like this one, can obtain a defined neck and jawline without liposuction. Remember, every face is different and is best suited with a custom set of procedures.

Case 10

In this patient with mid-cheek volume loss, a volumizing facelift was performed to not only tighten the neckline/jawline, but also add cheek volume.
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