Male Rhinoplasty

Male Rhinoplasty Gallery

All procedures below were performed by Dr. Anand D. Patel. Results vary by individual.

Case 1

This patient had both breathing and cosmetic issues that he wanted addressed. His overly narrow nose (as seen from the front) was expanded in the nasal valve region and the bridge and tip were refined. He still maintains a masculine nose.

Case 2

Men look better with strong noses. With this patient, the goal was to straighten and sharpen aspects of his nose, without taking away its masculinity.

Case 3

A short nose can look overly youthful and feminine – not a good combination for an adult man. Lengthening the nose is a complex procedure that requires the use of strong cartilage (such as from the rib) to add structure to the nose and stretch the overlying skin.

Case 4

A droopy nasal tip can make us look older. Here the tip was raised and a hump was reduced. Notice the patient appears younger, but without taking away the ethnic or familial quality of his nose.

Case 5

Straightening a crooked nose requires careful manipulation of the bony and cartilage components that make up the nose. This includes the nasal septum and nasal valve regions, which have a great impact on nasal breathing.

Case 6

This patient had breathing issues that were addressed inside his nose as well as straightening and sharpening his features. He maintains a strong male nose.

  • Case 7

    This patient had a traumatic hump on the bridge of his nose that resulted from a hockey injury. Usually, it is best to postpone surgery at least 6 weeks after an injury to allow swelling to resolve. Here, reducing the bump and elevating the nasal tip produces an improved profile.

    Case 8

    Tip rhinoplasty is a more minor procedure that can address nasal tip irregularities and a hanging columella. The columella is located on the underside of the nose and separates the two nostrils. When it hangs down it can make the nostrils appear more prominent.

    Case 9

    A ptotic or droopy tip is associated with aging and may be improved with a tip rhinoplasty. Also, raising the tip sometimes improves breathing.
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