Female Rhinoplasty

Female Rhinoplasty

All procedures below were performed by Dr. Anand D. Patel. Results vary by individual.

Case 1

This patient injured her nose while playing volleyball. The surgical goal was to both straighten the nose and make it more feminine. Her new nose appears natural for her face.

  • Case 2

    This patient also wanted correction of a deviation and a more feminine nose.

    Case 3

    This patient requested straightening of her nose as well as greater femininity. The hump on the bridge was reduced and the nasal tip was elevated. These maneuvers have a significant impact in softening a patient’s severe features and changing the way others perceive them.

    Case 4

    Reducing nasal tip irregularities, as seen here, helps the nose to blend better with the rest of the face. This patient also had a crooked nose due to previous trauma, which was repaired.

    Case 5

    A patient who had wanted rhinoplasty for a long time, finally made herself a priority. We made her nose smaller to a limited degree, so it still suits her face.

    Case 6

    Removing a hump on the bridge of the nose may seem like a relatively easy procedure, but it is actually intricately detailed. Skilled attention must be given to supporting the nasal valve cartilages and producing a smooth contour to the bridge (whether seen from a side or oblique view).

    Case 7

    This patient wanted a more feminine nose with narrowing of the tip and reduction of a hump. When making the nose appear smaller in this way, improvements in breathing are ensured by addressing any deviations of the nasal septum and enlargement of the nasal turbinates (swellings located inside the nose).

    Case 8

    In this patient, the nose was brought closer to the face, the hump was reduced, and the nasal tip was refined. These changes done in the right proportion make this patient’s features more feminine while maintaining a natural appearance.

    Case 9

    In select patients, rhinoplasty may be performed without making any external incisions. All incisions are made inside the nose. With this “incisionless” technique, even a hump may be reduced and the nasal tip may be refined.

  • Case 10

    A boxy nasal tip with visible bumps and irregularities can attract unwanted attention and detract from other areas, like the eyes. Here, permanent sutures are used to narrow the nasal tip cartilages and sew them together in a more symmetric fashion.
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