Botulinum Injections

Botulinum Injection Gallery

All procedures below were performed by Dr. Anand D. Patel. Results vary by individual.

Case 1

Botulinum is most commonly used for the frown lines. These include the deep vertical lines that form between the eyebrows, or “elevens”, and the horizontal lines that form across the nose, aka bunny lines. Many patients find relief from headaches with injections in this region.

Case 2

Most experienced Botox injectors believe that periodic treatment helps to prevent the progression of deep wrinkles, especially with wrinkles around the eyes. Our philosophy is to inject just enough to soften the muscles, without paralyzing them or affecting natural facial movements.

Case 3

Botulinum used in the right amounts and locations has soften the forehead lines without freezing the eyebrows or creating an unnatural look.
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