Female Rhinoplasty 2

Female Rhinoplasty Gallery

All procedures below were performed by Dr. Anand D. Patel. Results vary by individual.

Case 11

Narrowing and extending the nasal tip with a tip graft provided this patient with better balance and refinement to her nose.

  • Case 12

    This patient developed problems breathing after a cheerleading injury. She also requested cosmetic improvements in the bridge and tip of her nose. The refinements still appear natural for her face.

    Case 13

    This patient requested straightening of her nose and reduction of a nasal hump. She also presented with sinus problems that did not improve with medical management. Dr. Patel partners with sinus specialists to combine both procedures in one setting to minimize anesthesia exposure to the patient.

    Case 14

    This patient underwent feminization of her nose with reduction of a dorsal hump and de-projection/refinement of her nasal tip.

    Case 15

    This patient requested a “cute” nose. Narrowing the nasal tip and reducing the hump can provide this but only to the extent that a natural appearance is maintained.

    Case 16

    This patient wanted to reduce the width of her nose on front view. In the upper part of the nose, precision cuts are made in the bone to narrow them. In the lower part, permanent sutures are used to narrow the cartilages. The nostrils are narrowed with incisions that are concealed in the creases.
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